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Hello, welcome to my portfolio!

I design beautiful, usable websites. You can use this site to learn more about me, see examples of my work, find links to my networks, and contact me.

About Me

I am a recent graduate open to opportunities that offer the chance to build on my current skills in web design and development.


My current home is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of the things a like most in Milwaukee are biking, seeing the lake, and our great restaurants. Milwaukee is a friendly town and I believe it has a strong and growing IT industry that makes it a great place to live and work. I remain open to opportunities in other cities, too!

Prior to Milwaukee, I lived in Seattle, Washington, learning the skills of my first career as a chef. As a chef, I was disappointed with the tools available to manage information needed for inventory, menu costing, and sales analysis. That is how I discovered information architecture, which led me to UWM.


I graduated with honors from the School of Information Studies (SOIS) at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in the Spring of 2014. My degree is a Bachelor of Science of Information Science and Technology (BSIST).

While there, I also earned a Digital Art and Culture (DAC) certificate. The DAC program focuses on practical skills related to creating and critically analyzing digital art and media.

You can learn more about my awards and activities on LinkedIn. Just click the link on my contacts page!

Areas of study


I'm interested in the entire development lifecycle, from visual design to developing the code, but my focus is user experience design. Have you ever visited a website that communicated what it offered clearly, was simple to navigate, and you easily found what you were looking for? That is the power of good user experience design!

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Skills, Tools,
& Concepts

Here is a brief list of the programs, languages, techniques, and concepts that I am knowledgable about. You can find examples of my work on the gallery page.

UI/UX Design

Programs: Axure, Qualtrics

Concepts: heuristic evaluation, user interviews, usability testing, information architecture, prototyping/ wireframing, cognitive load.

Front End Design & Development

Programs: TextWrangler, Dreamscape, Photoshop, Illustrator

Concepts: HTML5, CSS3 animation, javaScript, jQuery, markup validation, accessibile design, responsive design using media queries, image optimization, flex-box layout.

Information Architecture

Programs: Microsoft Access, Visio

Concepts: Entity-relationship and relational models, relational algebra, query-by-example, SQL, normalization, ERD translation.

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