Milwaukee Running Club

Training Tips


We all know that we need to stretch, but are we doing it right?

Even the most experienced runner develops bad habits over time. It pays to review proper stretching techniques every now and then.

Read more, and make shin splints a thing of the past!

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Upcoming Races

color run

The upcoming color run is an opportunity to forget about pace and personal best times, and instead just have fun.

Many runners wear all white and take before/after pictures to show off their colors.

No telling what color their lungs are!

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Featured Runner

cross country skier

Oscar Pistorius, aka "The Blade Runner," visited MKE, and he let us ask him some questions after a run by the lake!

Pistorius is known for sprinting, but here he talks to us about how distance runners can benefit from sprint training.

He also offers his unique perspective on what makes running so special and rewarding.

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